OT varieties

By hybridizing two totally different kinds of lilies, we have managed to develop a unique type of lily, that is new in color, shape and variety characteristics. These lilies are being named O.T.'s.
O.T.'s have big advantages versus the existing assortment currently in the market.
- Very good growers.
- Thick roots (less susceptible for Phytium).
- Thick, leathery leaves (less susceptible for Botrytis).
- New exciting colors
- Shorter crop time (versus Orientals)
- OT's will hold their fresh green foliage color during their
entire blooming period

3 Ots in the market
At this moment the three OTs Gluhwein®, Nymph® and Shocking® are produced and supplied by a very special cooperative of growers and traders. The Liliance brand name is your guarantee of quality and controlled supply. This ensures the exclusivity of the OTs at all times

The traders you can contact are :
- Zabo Plant
- Onings
- Verdegaal
- Van den Bos Flowerbulbs
- Sun Valley

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